The Changes That Come When You Turn One

My creative side has really been lacking. Sitting down in front of this laptop to write a post has been one of the last things I’ve wanted to do lately. And I’m not sure why I chose this moment to write again. Dishes need to be done, so does the laundry, and the floor could really use a good mopping. But I’m pushing those tasks aside, and giving myself a minute to let my thoughts flow through my fingers and onto the screen.

I read my last post, “Day in the Life as a SAHM,” for some inspiration, and holy shit. When did I write that… two months ago? So much has changed in our lives, that my mind is blown. You don’t realize time passing by, and all the changes it brings, until you look back at what your life used to be.

Yes I am still a SAHM to a crazy little girl, but that little girl is now ONE. A whole year has gone by since she was born; talk about time passing by.

My little girl is practically walking now, she eats like a champion, drinks from sippy cups, added the words “uh oh” into her vocab, oh and she sleeps IN her crib in her OWN room now. Can you even believe it? If you knew us, and our sleeping situation, you would be shocked. If you don’t, I’ll give you a little background.

Myla has slept in the middle of us in our bed since she was born. We didn’t plan on co-sleeping, it just happened. It’s so easy and ideal with nursing, and with her waking up constantly throughout the night, I did anything to get a few more minutes of sleep. We tried to sleep train her multiple times, all of which failed. We are definitely too soft, because like, that’s our baby, and we don’t want to hear her cry.

After the 4th failed attempt at sleep training, we just accepted the fact that Myla was in fact going to be sleeping in our bed with us forever. But when I tell you I was tired… this little girl would still be waking up 4-5 times a night to comfort nurse. It felt like every time I switched positions on my half inch space on the bed, she would wake up and want to nurse. If I denied the boob, all hell would break loose. When she wanted the boob, she wanted it NOW. My sleep was controlled by a 10 month old.

I was online one day, and I googled “pediatric sleep coach.” I had heard of them before, and read some success stories, but never really considered the idea until this very moment. I honestly felt like we were too far gone with sleep. I felt like we had missed our chance, and that she was too old and too accustomed to our current sleep situation that it was something we couldn’t change. And that’s when I found Erica.

This woman has changed our lives.

Her practice is all about “gentle sleep coaching,” so I was immediately interested. I filled out a quick questionnaire on her website, just giving some insight to our situation and what we were looking to achieve. She contacted me shortly after, and we set up a time to chat the next day.

I knew she was going to be a great fit for our family. The sweetness and sincerity in her voice really calmed me and assured me that we can, in fact, do this and we were not past the point of no return.

We began working together a week after our first initial phone call. I was determined to get my baby to sleep on her own, but I was also nervous and emotional, knowing that the three of us would no longer be sharing the bed.

Consistency and patience. And of course the help from Erica. That is what it took to get my baby to sleep in her crib. The first time she slept a full 12 hours in her crib, I was shocked, and amazed, and sooooo proud.

I am now able to kiss my baby goodnight, place her in her crib awake, and walk out of the room. Myla puts herself to sleep, in her comfy little sleep sack, and sleeps for 12 straight hours.

Not only that, but Scottie and I can actually cuddle at night in our own bed, because there is no longer a baby between us.

The whole thing is bittersweet. I am definitely still emotional each time I put her to bed. But I know that it was long overdue, and we are all finally getting the sleep we need.

I owe everything to Erica. She is one of the sweetest souls, and our family is so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

If you want to learn more about her, you can find her website here.

Myla sporting her cute new bathrobe

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