The Reality of Sleep Training

It’s been 3 hours since I put Myla down in her crib, and Scottie and I have both gone to console her at least 6 times. We are in the process of sleep training an almost 10 month old, and let me tell you, this shit is not easy.

Recently, we made the decision to try and transition Myla to her crib, since we still co-sleep at almost 10 months. We are trying to knock the habit of nursing to sleep, because we want to teach her independence when it comes to falling asleep on her own.

We hate hearing our baby girl cry. And that’s exactly why we’ve put off sleep training for so long. We tried it at 5 months, and we were unsuccessful. Her cries from the bedroom made me anxious and downright nauseous. Scottie felt the same way; he dreaded every second of it.

So why are we trying again 5 months later? Because it’s time. As much as it sucks, I feel like we are slowly making progress. I type this now, a glass of wine in hand, as Myla sleeps soundly in her crib. The baby monitor does not leave my side, and I’m constantly creeping in the room to make sure she is still breathing.

She wakes up often. But we don’t let her cry it out, because it freakin’ sucks. Instead, we console her. We pat her back, sing to her, let her know she is safe and loved. Slowly, she falls back asleep. It’s a slow process, but we are patient. And confident. And let me tell you… These few moments we have to ourselves while she sleeps is so necessary for our relationship and our sanity.

I love having these moments to myself… to write, to enjoy a glass of wine, to read, etc. But at the same time, I miss Myla. It’s funny the way that works.

When it comes to sleep training, we aren’t perfect. We’ve been going for almost a week and Myla has still made her way into our bed each night. But these baby steps we are taking will lead to a successful nights sleep in the crib…it just takes time.

For now, I will enjoy my wine, read my book, cuddle Scottie, and keep my fingers crossed that Myla sleeps through the night.

And…. she woke up.

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