Wanted: Mom Friends

When we decided to move to Indiana, I knew it would be difficult leaving my friends and family behind. But what I didn’t predict, was how hard it would be to make new friends, especially now that I am a mom.

Making new friends in college was so easy for me. I’m not saying I’m the most outgoing person you’ll ever meet, but I’m definitely not shy. I quickly befriended people who sat by me in class, sparking up conversations like it was second nature.

When I was working, it was also inevitable not to seek new friendships. Let’s be real, nothing makes the time at work go by faster than having someone to chit chat with.

Fast forward to my life now: I am a stay-at-home mom in a new town. I mean, could it get any harder than that?

What even is life besides nursing, poopy diapers, and 8 month old babbles?

Needless to say, besides the daily baby snuggles, I am lonely.

Life is so different when you become a mom. Every aspect changes, especially your social life. Those last minute, spontaneous plans to grab drinks or go see friends? Sorry… gotta find a babysitter first.

I wish it was easy to make friends when your a mom, but in truth, it’s not. I am constantly seeking companionship from people I can relate too. I will see another mom with her baby at the store or at a restaurant and I just want to walk up to them and be like, “hi, I get everything you’re going through… let’s be friends.” But honestly, I would probably never do that because it’s kind of weird.

I need friends that can relate to the level of exhaustion I’m at because my baby still wakes up 7 times a night to comfort nurse. Or friends that won’t bat an eyelash that my house is a mess even though I’ve been home all day because my baby has learned to crawl and gets into everything. Or friends that come over with their baby and a bottle of wine to just get out of the house and interact with another human being.

I just really need mom friends.

I love being a stay-at-home mom. I am so incredibly fortunate and grateful that I get to spend every moment with my baby as she grows into a tiny little person. Myla is my best friend and the greatest company. But sometimes, a mama gets lonely.

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