Working Through Changes

Wow, I truly missed writing. I kept telling myself “today will be the day I write again,” but the days just kept coming and going. Out of all the days and opportunities I’ve had to open my laptop and type, I chose today.

Myla and I just returned home from Florida, a much needed vacation to see family and friends. The house is a mess, my open suitcase is lying in the middle of the floor, clothes are everywhere, but here I am typing away, and it feels so good.

I feel like I should give an update on the past couple months, but I’m not really sure where to start.

After our move to Indiana, I felt a bit lost. I was taken out of my element, and placed in a new world. We moved to a new house and a new town, surrounded by new people and places. The weather was cold, like really cold. There was snow on the ground. I didn’t even know how to feel emotionally about it all. I knew it was what we wanted, we talked about it for months. But was I happy?

With all these changes, I felt so anxious all the time. You know the type of anxiety where you feel the effects physically? Like unexplainable aches and pains. I felt uneasy and depressed.

But with each passing day, those feelings started to slowly fade. Our house felt more like a home. The streets became familiar. The snow melted and the weather got warmer. I’ve made new friends, and sought comfort in family close by. I slowly started to feel like myself again.

But what I really needed, was a vacation to the place we had recently left behind. I needed to get away, to discover the feeling of missing the place I now call home. I wanted to feel the sun on my skin, after weeks of being cooped up in the house. I needed my family and friends, who no longer live right down the street. I wanted to make sure that we made the right choice, by leaving it all behind.

And I truly believe we did.

Moving to a new place is hard. And saying goodbye to loved ones is even harder. But being far away from them has made me appreciate them so much more. And how cool is it to have family in Florida? Hello, unlimited vacations!

I feel refreshed, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, since returning home from Florida. I feel comfort, knowing that my family is doing well and that my friends are living their best lives. And I hope they feel comfort too, knowing that although I am far away, I am happy.

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