3 Years

February 21st is one of my favorite days of the year: our anniversary. I don’t know how three years have already gone by. We blinked, and now we have a four month old. So crazy.

Scottie, I don’t think you realize the impact you have made on my life. I needed your help to discover myself. Before I met you, I didn’t know what I wanted out of life. Guys? They were all the same. Kids? No thanks. Relationships? Never had one. I was literally just soaring through life, me and my independent self. I would fight with my mom. I was mean to my sister. I didn’t show people the respect they deserved. I was selfish. I didn’t know how to love. I was very unhappy. I could go on.

Then you just had to come along and sweep me off my feet (and thank god you did). With you, I felt things I never felt before. Was it… happiness? I’ll give you a hint: yes.

I remember the first time I told you I loved you. It was such a new feeling for me, and I couldn’t hold it in much longer. But I was so nervous to say it out loud. It was late at night, and you were sleeping, but I was wide awake. I remember being on my computer, doing homework maybe? I also remember being a couple wine glasses deep. Liquid courage. I went into the room to wake you, and with your eyes barely open, I said those three words. And you replied, “what?” I totally shocked you. I think I even shocked myself. But I knew I loved you, and three years later, I love you even more.

It feels like we were babies back then. I was turning twenty-one that year, and you were still nineteen. We definitely weren’t kids, but I don’t think we were exactly adults yet either. We sure as hell learned though. And we learned together. We grew together, and continue to grow. We’ve built our relationship, from strangers to lovers. We fought. We struggled. But we patched things up and made things right.

You make me so incredibly happy, and I wish I could do more to show you that. I’m so much better with my words when I write them out. So I don’t often tell you how much you are appreciated. I often take you for granted. And I’m sorry.

I’ve never been so sure about something in my life than I am about you. You are the one. And I often wonder why you chose me?

I’m so lucky. Myla is so lucky.

I love you.

I love your face, your eyes, your freckles, your soft skin. I love the way you kiss, the way you hold me, the way you always smack my butt (even though I act annoyed). I love how kind you are, to your family, friends, and animals. I love how excited you get about food. I love how compassionate you are. I love how hard you work for your family. I love the way you snuggle me at night. I love how you always tell me I’m beautiful, and I love how you know when I need to hear it the most. I love how selfless you are. And your weirdness, I love that too. I love it all. I love you.

Happy Anniversary.

One of our very first pictures together ♥️

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