Tuesday Thoughts

The struggles of nighttime fussiness are REAL. Myla is currently on the boob as I try to type this with one hand. I swear she knows when I’m the busiest because this girl cries for her mama. Obviously, I love how much she needs me. I love being the only person that can feed her. I will always drop everything in a heartbeat to feed my baby. But some nights… every 20 minutes… really girl? I suppose the correct term is called “cluster feeding.” She really just likes to snack all night long. The amount of times I’ve cooked dinner with one hand because my other hand is holding her while she nurses ~ too many to count.

By no means am I complaining; I love everything about my baby. But my other mamas out there… does it end?

She’s asleep next to me now, so freaking peaceful. The mini naps in between these snacks don’t last long at all, hence the word “mini.” I’ve learned to take full advantage of them though.

And… she’s awake. Back on the boob she goes…

Where was I? Oh yeah, nighttime fussiness. Warning: don’t ask me to do anything after 5pm because the chances of me sitting on my butt feeding my baby are extremely high.

I’m writing this post on a Tuesday, and Tuesday’s have become one of my favorite days of the week. I get to pick up Madelyn, my 7 year old sister, from school. We do homework together, eat yummy snacks, and play just dance on her nintendo switch. I bring her to ballet practice and feed her dinner, pop her in the shower and then bring her home. My afternoons with her are short but sweet, but I seriously cherish these moments way more than she would ever know. Although I can’t give her my full attention like I used to, I know she understands and enjoys her time with her super cool big sister anyways.

I am so grateful for these nights. I’m so grateful to have an amazing little sister like Madelyn. I’m so grateful for my baby girl. I’m even grateful for her nighttime fussiness, because I know that one night, when she decides she doesn’t need to be attached at my hip anymore, my heart will hurt. I love being so depended on, and I hope she never stops needing her mama.

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  1. Jim Harrington says:

    Absolutely beautifully written Chantelle. Children are God’s sleep deprivation experiment. But keep paying attention to every feeling, thought, observation, experience. Because in the blink of an eye they are grown up with children of their own and you will miss these moments that pass so quickly.


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