Becoming Pregnant

The love that Scottie and I have for each other is like the love you read about, or see in movies. I am so incredibly lucky to have him. Him and I aren’t perfect, by any means, but I like to think that our love is. Of course, with a love like ours, comes lots of sex. To any family members reading this post right now, I am so sorry. But… I did just have a baby, and we all know where babies come from!

We have the most passionate sex, because we are so connected mentally, it’s insane. We are so insync with each others’ bodies. I could seriously go on forever… but this post isn’t about our sex life, it’s about how I conceived the greatest gift God has ever given me.

A week before Valentine’s day, Scottie had left to visit his family in Indiana. We were arguing… a lot. I had just landed a new full-time job, while taking 3 online classes, and nannying for an 11 year old, all at once. My days began at 4am and ended at 6pm. I was exhausted to say the least. I can’t remember the exact reason why we were arguing so much, but I can guarantee it was me taking my frustrations out on Scottie. Baby, I am so sorry for that. We decided some time apart would be beneficial to our relationship. We called it a “healthy break.” We weren’t broken up, by any means, we just wanted to give each other some much needed personal space. So Scottie booked his flight, and left for a week while I stayed home with the pups and focused on my new job, nannying, and classes.

I missed him so freaking much. That week felt like forever, and the bed was so lonely. But it was so good for us. It gave us a chance to really miss each other.

I still remember how sexy he looked when I picked him up from the airport a week later on Valentine’s Day. He was carrying a heart-shaped box of chocolates for me. My handsome man. Needless to say, we went home and had the best sex ever. I know he felt the same way too. A week apart led to immense passion. I will never forget the sensuality of it all.

One week after Valentine’s Day was our two year anniversary. February 21st is my favorite day of the year, besides of course, the day our daughter was born. Two days later, I took a pregnancy test.

Why did I take a test in the first place? Well, let’s just say the sex was 100% unprotected and my boobs magically grew overnight. I went to the closest dollar store and bought some cheapies, two to be safe. I remember the lady at the register looking at me and saying, “oooh girl!” I replied, “whatever happens, happens!” I seriously did not think I was pregnant. I figured I would go home and pee on a stick, get a negative test, and move on with my busy life.

Well, I went home and peed on a stick, and sure enough, got a positive test. My jaw dropped to the floor as my heart pounded out of my chest. No fucking way. I had to take another just in case. I chugged some water, waited 20 minutes, and peed on the second stick. Positive again. Holy shit. I WAS PREGNANT. I wanted to call Scottie so bad, but he was at work and wouldn’t be home for another couple hours. Obviously I could not tell anyone else before I told him. So I went to Target to pass some time. I bought some prenatal vitamins and another pregnancy test, just to be sure. As if the first two I took weren’t accurate. This time, I bought one of those more expensive ones. I went home and peed on a stick for the third time that night, and got yet another big fat positive. How in the world was I going to tell Scottie he was going to be a dad?

I had the best idea ever. For Scottie’s two year anniversary gift, I got him an apple watch. He was wanting one FOREVER and never let me forget it. He got me a beautiful silver diamond heart necklace, which I love so much. He had given it to me a few days earlier, and I was planning on giving him his watch when he got home from work, the same day I found out I was pregnant. It just so happens that the box the necklace had come in, perfectly fit a pregnancy test. Hehe. He was now going to open two surprises from me, and I was screaming with excitement on the inside, waiting for him to get home.

My handsome man finally walked through the door, after working so hard all day long, and all I wanted to do was scream out that I was pregnant. But I kept my cool. I placed the box with the apple watch so nonchalantly on our dresser, so he would see it as soon as he walked into the bedroom. He found it shortly after he got home, and was clearly so thrilled about it, but I didn’t care. All I wanted to do was give him his second present.

After he finished opening the watch, I said, “I have one more gift for you.” “Really?” he said, as he took the box. I didn’t bother wrapping it, and I could tell by the expression on his face that he was a little confused, because it was the same box the necklace had come in. He opened the box. My heart was beating a million times per minute. He looked at the test, then back at me. His eyes were so big and blue. I started to cry. “I’m going to be a dad?” he asked, in the most astounded voice I had ever heard. I leaped into his arms, crying even harder. It was the most surreal moment of my life. He was absolutely shocked in the best way possible. It was a moment I will never forget. I knew I wanted nothing more than for him to be the father of my children. Although getting pregnant had come a little sooner than we expected, neither of us would have wanted it any other way.


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